Wedding Q & A

Q:  What does custom, full service catering mean?

A:  We can handle all aspects of your event – “one stop shopping” designed specifically for you.  We can assist you with selecting your venue and your menu may be customized to suit your specific needs. From our extensive list of reliable vendors we select those that we feel would be best suited for your event.  We also allow you the opportunity to hire vendors on your own.

Q: What size of events can you handle?

A: We can accommodate any number of guests.

Q: What do I need to do to reserve a date on your calendar?

A: After contacting our office we will send you a proposal for review.  At this time the date is tentatively added to our calendar; however, to secure the date we do require a deposit as well as a signed proposal or ‘letter of intent’ from you.

Q: When do I need to pay a deposit and what is the percentage?

A:  A non-refundable deposit of 10% based on the estimated cost is required to secure our services.  See our Policies and Procedures section for details.

Q: When is the balance due?

A: Full payment of estimated charges is due 30 days prior to your event unless previous arrangements have been made.  A Final Billing Invoice with any adjustments will be sent to you after your event.  See our Policies and Procedures section for details.

Q: Can I make changes after I sign your contract?

A: Provided we have not ordered products, scheduled staff, etc. every effort will be made to accommodate changes.

Q: Do you have different venues you can recommend?

A: A list of recommended venues may be found in the Venues section of our website with links to photographs and contact information.  In addition we are happy to cater at just about anywhere; new venues require a ‘walk through’ by someone from our Management Team.

Q: Will I need a tent and if so, can you provide?

A; Even in Hawaii there is always the possibility of inclement weather so we suggest tenting for all outdoor venues where there is no indoor backup.  We can provide the tenting or suggest sizing for you to secure on your own.

Q: I have a specific vision in my mind for my event, are you able to work with me?

A: Yes, once you meet with us (either by phone or in person) we will ask what your vision is then guide you through the process of creating your perfect wedding.

Q: Do I need a Wedding Planner?

A: Although not required, depending on the scope of your wedding we do recommend at least a ‘Day Of Wedding’ planner especially if this is a Destination Wedding.  Even if you have organized everything down to the last detail, having someone ensure that your preparations are going as planned will take a lot of pressure from you on your wedding day.

Q: Do you have a cake cutting fee?

A: Generally, we do charge for cutting, garnishing, plating and serving a cake not provided by Paradise Gourmet Catering.  This will appear on your proposal.

Q: Do you provide flowers?

A: We have a wonderful florist to create all the flowers of your dream wedding.  Check out the Photo Gallery to see some examples or provide us some pictures of what you like.

Q; Can you provide a full bar and bartender?

A: Yes, we have a liquor license and liability insurance.

Q: Can I provide my own bartender?

A:  No, we must provide the bartender who is familiar with Hawaii’s liquor laws and is a trained professional bartender.

Q: Do you have a corkage charge?

A: We do not have a corkage charge but we do have a service charge that covers all the expenses involved in chilling, storing and serving your wine.

Q: Can you provide valet services or shuttle busses?

A: We can provide names and numbers for you to contact local businesses who handle these services.

Q: Are service charges included?

A: No tips are expected at the end of the function.

Q: When do you need to know my guest count?  What happens if that number goes up or down shortly before or the day of the event.

A: Your guaranteed minimum number of guests is required 3 business days prior to the event.  The date and time will be on your proposal.  If your count goes down after this time, you are still required to pay for this guaranteed amount since we would have already ordered the food and necessary equipment.  If more people show up or you increase the count after the guarantee date, we will charge for the increased amount.

Q: Do you carry liability insurance?

A: Yes, we have insurance to cover our business and staff.  We recommend you talk to your insurance agent and the owner of the property where your function is being held to make sure the appropriate coverage is in place for you.

Q: How many staff will you provide and how are they charged?

A: Once we review the scope of the event we will schedule the appropriate amount of chefs, wait staff, porters, truck drivers, dishwashers, etc. required to service your event.  We have established a reputation for outstanding service and because of this we are not able to cut back on staff in an effort to lower pricing.

Q: Do you have pictures you could send?

A: Photos may be found in the extensive Galleries on our website.

Q: Do you have references?

A: Please review the Testimonials section of our website to view actual letters of praise and thanks from our clients.  Please inquire if more references are required.